Курс по английски език за начинаещи


Musing over what friendship means while practising English.

The objective: After watching and discussing the video clip, to create a poster on the topic of environment and present it in a creative way

Task 1. Find out the topic vocabulary (attached).

Task 2. Watch the video clip Save Our World. Answer the questions (attached).

Task 3. Divide into groups. Discuss more ways of reusing and recycling waste.

Task 4. Draw a poster on the topic of environment in groups. Present it in the class.

Evaluation. Complete statements.


  1. Do an inventory of skills in order to find out about learning styles/intelligences in general and your particular learning style/intelligence.
  2. Be able to consciously use and evaluate different approaches to learning in order to promote learning.
  3. Be able to retrieve information from different sources on-line, as well as process ad structure the information.
  4. Be able to formulate yourself in writing in order to inform, as well as have the ability to work through and improve your own production.

This course is desinged for learning English in an amusing way. Enjoy!